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Observation of Pests at few points will effectively keep your home safe from pests, Here our pest control experts in Dubai are suggesting few steps.

  • Keep you trash closed and leak free, Clear your trash every day & replace with plastic cover.
  • Check your premises regularly for signs of pests.
  • Check deliveries thoroughly for signs of pests. Do not accept a delivery if it shows signs of pests such as
  • Keep external areas tidy and free from weeds. Make sure bins have close-fitting lids and are easy to clean and clean and disinfect regularly
  • Check for cracks and holes in kitchen and get them closed with your property maintenance team. Especially under the sink.

Signs of rats & mice infestation

Small footprints in dust, droppings, holes in walls and doors, nests, gnawed goods or packaging, grease or smear marks, urine stains on food packaging

Signs of cockroach infestation

Eggs and egg cases, moulted ‘skins’, the insects themselves, droppings.

Pest Infestation can cause harmful diseases, Bed bugs infestation will cause sleep depression and skin allergies. Rodent infestation can cause spreadable diseases and surface contamination. Protect your loved ones against Harmful Diseases and bacteria’s today !

Our experienced team of professionals is adapt at handling all kinds of pest infestation and aid you with guidance for proper removal of these pests. Our services are available across UAE, including in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi. We help with the following Pests..

See Signs of Pest Infestation?

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