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Are you looking for Anti-termite solution? Termite is one of the types of insects have this insect is so named because it resembles the usual ants but be a white color, and termite main diet is a material cellulose is present this article in abundance in the (domestic wooden furniture, wood, carpets, rugs, curtains, fabrics, clothing, buildings) so it is one of the dangerous insects. This type of ants lives in large colonies where the huge size of each colony up to thirty thousand to nearly two million each colony, these colonies organization is to a large degree so that every variety of ants have a role to play and is committed to doing.

We do anti-termite solutions for both Commercial and residential alike across UAE including Dubai, Sharjah, & Abu Dhabi

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What causes Termite Infection ?

While all termites are attracted to wood, they each have specific preferences. As their names would suggest, dampwood and drywood termites seek out moist or dry woods respectively. Subterranean termites must have moist soil nearby and infest any wood that is in contact with the ground.

  • Moisture: Leaky pipes, improper drainage, and poor airflow all create moisture issues that attract termites
  • Wood that’s in Contact with House Foundations
  • Cracks in Building Exteriors

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