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Fumigation is one of the method in pest control to remove any Harmful pests by filling an area with gaseous pesticides (Fumigants) to suffocate or poison the pest. It is normally used to effectively control pests in Agricultural land, or Warehouses that store goods and commodities. 

The gas from the process is highly toxic and should be done in a controlled enviroment by a certified Fumigator.

At Quality Pest Control, all our fumigators are licenced under Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah municiplaity.

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How Fumigation works?

The gas used in fumigation are highly toxic to living organisms including humans.  Hence the use of fumigant is highly controlled by local legislation and is required to be registered. The area intended for fumigation is covered to create a sealed environment. With sufficient concentration and time, it will result in removal of stored product insects in any life cycle and also larger pest such as rats. After this the gas is ventilated properly, rendering it safe for humans to enter.

Negative effects of infestation on stored products:

  1. Feed attacks
  2. Modification of ingredients.
  3. Adverse effect on taste and smell.
  4. Modification of appearance.
  5. Residues of metabolism.
  6. Health damage
  7. Consequential damage.
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