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Pest control includes a wide range of treatments to prevent, control and eradicate pests and protect your home from pests. Quality Pest control LLC helps clients give a pest-free environment. Pests include ants, bed bugs, fleas, termites, cockroaches, rodents, and even pigeons. Other wildlife such as raccoons, snakes, and spiders can also become pests if the opportunity presents itself. Our pest control experts can use methods depending on the severity of your pest problems & infestation. It is necessary to apply pest control and management techniques as soon as signs of a problem are detected. Pests often cause damage beyond what is visible and can cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Useful points to customers using Annual pest control contracts.

1. Verify the pest control company license & activities before signing the contract.

2. Agree to the frequency of services. Food facilities need twice a month & medical facilities twice monthly.

3. Inspection of warehouses & offices to quote pest control prices.

4. Payment options & invoicing frequency.

5. Service Reporting each service with quantity & treatment details.

6. Pest control invoice submission & sign off process

Understand the pest control methods

Pest control includes methods to rid your property of unwanted insects and wildlife. Pest control professionals will inspect for signs of pests and pest damage. They will then implement effective treatments to solve the problem and prevent it from occurring again.

Whether you need more than one treatment depends on the pest control service you select. Your pest control professional will advise you on how to continue pest control after the first treatment and suggest regular follow-up treatments to ensure maximum protection.

Integrated Pest Management

Control pests to protect your home, but many of the most common pest control methods can also harm the environment. Integrated pest management is a pest control process that combines various environmental, mechanical, biological, and chemical means to reduce the impact of pests and potentially harmful solutions.

Not everyone agrees with the harsh effects of pest management. The goal of integrated pest management is to control the associated risks.

Pesticides are known to be harmful, so pest control methods such as pesticides that cause problems.

Our Integrated pest management reduces pests and helps you find effective ways to control pests while keeping your property and environment safe.

Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control is the use of other organisms as weapons to eliminate pests. Your pest control specialist uses natural predators of your pests.

By using natural pest enemies, you can ensure that your home, pets, and native wildlife are not exposed to any chemicals.

Many beneficial insects can be used to control pests in your home, garden, and lawn. Tiny beetles and ladybugs are excellent biological agents for controlling aphids and spider mites.

Plants and diatomaceous earth are also effective biological repellents against ants and other nuisance insects.

Chemical pest control

When pest infestations occur, chemical pest control can be an effective option for eliminating pests. There is some risk of pest infestation when pesticides are used, especially on fruits and vegetables in the garden and when spraying in stores.

Liquid insecticides are used as chemical pesticides when natural pest control is not possible. Fumigation is a chemical option for insect control in grains.


The toxic gases inactivate and kill the pests quickly. Both methods serve to reduce infestations by either preventing future reproduction or eliminating all existing pests.

Physical pest control

Using poison baits is an effective solution for controlling insects and rodents, but it can endanger other animals and pets.

Physical pest control is more effective for rodents is much safer. Trapping these pests is an easy way to control them.

Another practical and less harmful pest control solution is to use barriers to block access to areas of your property where you don’t want pests.

If your pest problem is not severe or if you are dealing with large animals that become pests, barriers such as metal or electric fences may be enough to keep them out.

Our team of professionals can handle all kinds of pest infestation and guide for proper removal. Our services are available across UAE, including the emirate of Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi.

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