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Before you do Pest Control

Before you schedule a pest control appointment, there are a few important things to consider.


Keep large furniture and appliances out of the corners of the house. This will make it easier for pest control technicians to gain access.

They can access the tight spaces where most pests like to hang out. Additionally, it means that your furniture and appliances are shielded from chemical splashes and sprays used during treatment. It is even better to perform pest control at home.

Clothing and furniture

  • Make sure clothing, children’s toys, jewelry, makeup, toiletries, etc. are put away, preferably wrapped in plastic wrap.
  • Store them in closets and seal door and drawer openings with wide cellophane tape if possible. Duct tape is not suitable because it is made of paper and absorbs splashed chemicals.
  • Remove and store all sheets, covers, pillows, and mattresses. If space is not available, use plastic wrap.
  • Sofas, chairs, and tables should be covered with plastic. Cloth sheets may not be effective enough because chemicals soak into them.
  • For some pests, such as termites, it may be necessary to clear out wooden furniture, including storage beds.

Kitchens and dining rooms

  • Clean trash cans.
  • Clear countertops and put away all utensils, silverware, plates, cups, and glasses. Unlike normal storage items, kitchen cabinets attract most pests and usually need to be fumigated.
  • Ideally, small appliances should be removed from the kitchen. If this is not possible, unplug them and cover them completely with plastic wrap. If you must leave them on the countertop, make sure they are easy to move.
  • Cover the water purifier outlet and wrap it in plastic if possible.
  • Kitchen sinks are sprayers. Therefore, do not cover them or use them for storage.
  • All food should be stored in heavy plastic containers. Many pests can gnaw through thin plastic and hide inside. Store things like spices and chips in the refrigerator if possible.
  • Speaking of the refrigerator, you need to unplug it. Consider using up perishable foods and throwing away leftovers.


Pets are often very sensitive to the chemicals used in pest control. During the pest treatment phase, it’s beneficial if you can leave your pet with a friend or neighbor. Keep the toys and bedding for your pet in a secure location.

  • Have your furry friend treated for fleas and ticks by a veterinarian.
  • Keep the aquarium tightly covered with plastic. Make sure the fish get enough food throughout the period. If you don’t already have one, it’s time to buy a fish feeder.
  • Turn off the aquarium’s air pumps, as they suck chemicals from the air into the water.

Pictures and pots

  • The color of your favorite wall decor may not like chemicals, so try covering it with plastic.
  • Pots and other ornamental plants should be kept in open areas. Consider a balcony or roof deck where they can’t be sprayed. Some plants can be covered with plastic wrap, but others will die.


  • Toilets should be completely drained if they are sprayed.
  • Pay close attention to toothbrushes, dental floss, and shaving equipment. After treatment, soap and detergent should be changed.
  • Toilets should be completely drained if they are sprayed.
  • Pay close attention to toothbrushes, dental floss, and shaving equipment. After treatment, soap and detergent should be changed.

General Pest Control & Anti termite are the main types of pest control services in Villa. However, you must also play a part before and after pest treatment if you want to keep these pesky intruders out of your house. It is not simply the responsibility of the pest control specialist.

For instance, make sure all of the food, clothing, furniture, and other utensils are thoroughly cleaned before beginning pest treatment. After the procedure is finished, keep them in a manner that lowers the possibility of re-infestation.

After you do Pest Control

After the pest control is done, here are few things you should do.


If you are forced to go outside, wait until the recommended time before going home

Discard food scraps

If there is leftover food, throw it away. This food is never good for you, even if organic pesticides are used.

Do not clean up immediately

Pest control measures are usually tailored to the needs of the customer. This means telling you when you can start cleaning again and if there are areas that should not be washed. Do not deep clean for at least a week.

Fix leaks

Fix any leaky faucets or drains in your house as soon as you can. Leaks can be a gateway for pests to re-infest your home.

Avoid leaving paper materials unattended

Paper is a food source for many pests. Be cautious when handling brown bags and wet paper of any kind. Do not keep outdated publications in or close to the kitchen.

Protect yourself

Use disposable gloves when you first touch the sprayed surfaces. Be careful not to touch the surface with bare hands when unpacking.

Continue to inspect for pests

Occasionally you may find dead pests a few days after treatment, but this is less common. Check hotspots regularly and try to keep them clean. Dead pests can attract other pests and make your problem worse.

These lists are far from complete. You need to work with a pest control service to make sure you are truly prepared and get the best service.

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